The path that led to the creation of the Center for Counseling and Family Relationships (CCFAM) was similar to that of a client when they first seek counseling. It involved life circumstances (another practice where Dr. Johnson had worked for 8 years closing), taking a risk (getting all the needed elements of a business in place in 90 days), and being willing to adapt to change and growth in order to not only survive, but to thrive. CCFAM was founded in 2007 at 6612 N. Riverside Drive by Dr. Rhonda Johnson. Initially, CCFAM began with one counselor and one office staff member. The goal was to offer quality counseling that was affordable to the surrounding communities. As the number of clients seeking services began to multiply, Dr. Johnson became a supervisor for LPC-Interns and LMFT-Associates. By doing this, Dr. Johnson was able to employ the Interns/Associates, who offered low-cost counseling rates, and train them in their counseling careers. By 2010, CCFAM had outgrown its office space and moved to 3629 Western Center Blvd.

In 2012, Dr. Johnson’s passion for supervision and ethical practice led to her creating a Board Certified LPC/LMFT Supervisor Training. What began as one training has evolved into many trainings on different topics to improve the skills of current and future generations of mental health professionals in the Metroplex and in the state of Texas. In 2014, we moved to our current location at 4500 Mercantile Plaza Ste. 307 to be able to house all of our services and trainings in one location.  Through the years, CCFAM has grown into a large group private practice of office staff and counselors with many specialties. Our mission is Healing, Empowering, Connecting, and Training from our team of employees, to our clients, to the professionals we train.

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