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The adventure … that began with starting a private practice in 2007 is a journey I am still on today, and I have had the honor of employing professionals inside our practice and training professionals outside of our practice. As the years have gone on, I have noticed a lack of emphasis on and a lack of stories about leadership in the mental health field. Not the own-your-own-practice-and-earn-a-six-figure-salary stories that are currently rampant. Instead, stories that acknowledge the weight of leadership versus the glory and financial gain, including stories about the information gained and lessons learned through hard work, stress, and tears.

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This CE is based on the book Pace Setter by Dr. Rhonda Johnson, who has been in the field for 20+ years. Pace Setter details a 15-year journey from the beginning, with Dr. Johnson as the only counselor on staff, to building a trauma- informed family systems-focused large group private practice with a staff of more than 25. This CE focuses on how to invest in yourself in order to lead intentionally, make a positive impact in the process, and create a Vision Frame for the culture of your

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*PLEASE NOTE: Participants should expect this course to take a minimum of 2 weeks to complete. CE credits cannot be completed immediately for this course. A hard copy of Dr. Johnson’s book Pace Setter: Leadership & Culture in Mental Health will be mailed to each participant within 7 days of purchase. Participants should plan time to receive and read the book, then complete the assignments and posttest online before CE credit is granted. Please contact our training team at (817) 232-9400, ext. 5 with any additional questions about this course.



  1. Describe how leadership and culture impact an organization
  2. Identify leaders who have made a significant personal impact on your journey in the field
  3. Describe mistakes and weaknesses of Dr. Johnson in building a practice
  4. Explain ways to invest in yourself both professionally and as a leader
  5. Design a Vision Frame composed of a Mission Statement, Values, Strategy, Measures, and Vision for the future
  6. Create an Internal Vision Frame for your staff composed of:
    1. a Mission Statement (What are we doing?),
    2. Values (Why are we doing it?),
    3. Strategy (How are we doing it?),
    4. Measures (When are we successful?), and
    5. Vision for the future (Where are we headed?)
  7. Assess how to apply principles to your personal practice

Dr. Rhonda Johnson is the founder and owner of the Center for Counseling and Family Relationships, a large, thriving group practice established in 2007 specializing in family systems and trauma-informed approaches. Dr. Johnson is also the founder and owner of CCFAM Training, established in 2012, and Play Therapy Training Resources, established in 2021. Through these companies, she provides continuing education, supervision, and consultations. She is also a teaching fellow for B.H. Carroll Seminary.