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Wishing you had a shortcut to gain wisdom about owning a private practice AND wanting a personalized approach?

This package is for owners wanting personal growth, to find out about policies to consider, how to improve your current practice, employee issues, how to grow your practice, and planning for the future.


Yearly Elite Private Practice Coaching – Limited to 4 participants 

$2,650.00 a year

  • Immediate access to 24 videos that were recorded in the October 2018- September 2019 subscription year (topics listed below)
  • One new video each month for a year starting in December 2019
  • A 50 minute Zoom coaching session each month


Included in this subscription:
For You:
  • At the end of the day, what makes it a Win if all else fails?
  • Business books that helped me focus on ownership
  • Accountability with monthly reports
  • Yearly report to evaluate the previous year
For Your Practice:
  • Where to get new clients for yourself and your Interns/Associates?
  • Wondering how our practice handles FMLA, Disability, Releases and Costs of Calls/Forms/Summaries, not specializing in high conflict custody situations, and personal records requests?
  • Malpractice Insurance/Disability Insurance/Estate Planning
  • Taxes and Budgeting
  • Insurance or Self Pay? Wondering why everyone needs CAQH and NPI numbers?
  • Intake Paperwork
  • Release for Minor and Adult
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Privacy Practices
  • First Appointment Checklist
  • Symptom Checklist for Child, Teen, and Adults
  • Foster Care and Adoption Background
  • Insurance coding guide
  • Insurance Contract Rates
  • Steps to get contracted with insurance
  • How to contract a new provider with your group practice
  • Consent to Release PHI for a Minor and Adult
  • Request to Disclose PHI to Parents of a Minor or Adult Client
For Others Teaming With You:
  • Our Practice Handbook for 2020
  • Hiring process and questions to ask counselors and administrative staff
  • Employees or Contractors?
  • Background checks
  • Having crucial conversations with others
  • Remediation Plans
  • Informal Questions for Administrative Staff and Counselors: Off-Site Supervisee, Intern/Associate, Play Intern, and Fully Licensed

Recordings available for past videos after joining:

October Supervision
Included in this video: traits to determine who to choose as supervisees, activities I use when building a relationship with supervisees, and proposed changes to the LPC Rules
October Private Practice
Included in this video: anticipating the future, evaluating growth, principles to apply from the Integrity book, time management, and goals as an owner.
November Supervision
Included in this video: proposed LPC rule changes applied to supervision, when to end a supervision relationship, and common mistakes to avoid with paperwork and the boards.
November Private Practice
Included in this video: principles to apply from Culture Wins book, being selective of who you surround yourself with, saving money by hiring well (CCFAM hiring processes and employment contract), and standing out from practices around you.
December Supervision
Included in this video: proposed changes to the LMFT rules applied to supervision and why using video in supervision should be a priority.
December Private Practice
Included in this video: employees vs. contractors, principles from Seth Godin/Simon Sinek podcast, and the benefit of meetings with those around you.
January Supervision
Included in this video: marketing strategies for Interns and practices, opportunities for supervisees, and when to include training before exposure to clients.
January Private Practice
Included in this video: 2018 evaluation of year form to prepare for 2019, development days, what to include in a monthly report to recognize needs in your practice, and a CEU day.
February Supervision
Included in this video: Focusing on how and what to do for your Interns/Associates to develop referral sources as well as your practice. I also discuss opportunities to consider giving them to learn and grow.
February Private Practice
Included in this video: How you schedule your time as an owner and development days. I also talk about the goal I had set for the practice in 2018. Idea of being a CEU provider for your practice or for a small group of people who meet regularly.
February Extra
Included in this video: Taxes when you are self-employed, software for business expenses, when to pay taxes when you are self-employed, and helpful tools that can help you in budgeting for the year. I also discuss PCI compliance and HIPAA compliance for your practice.
March Supervision:
Included in this video: Why to avoid having children in the room who are not the client, LPC/LMFT board updates, and considering what will happen with the practice if something happens to you.
March Private Practice
Included in this video: Initial steps and costs in starting a private practice, what to avoid in starting a private practice and what steps to take to get started with insurance panels. I also cover percentages to consider paying other counselors who join you in a private practice.
April Supervision
Included in this video:  Situations we have encountered recently in working with adolescents, telehealth supervision, and more changes to the LPC/LMFT Board Rules in regards to supervision
April Private Practice
Included in this video: Books that were influential for me as an owner and things to consider when owning a practice: malpractice insurance, slip and fall coverage for the premises, disability insurance, life insurance, and estate planning. I also cover insurance coding for In or Out of Network claims, changes with United insurance, and telehealth trainings to consider if you offer telehealth supervision or counseling sessions.
May Supervision
This video covers new LMFT logs and activities, navigating board situations including a DWI, what to pay a supervisee, informal interview questions for coaching participants, contractors vs. employee for an Intern, and how to handle emergency situations when you are out of the office.
May Private Practice
This video covers when NPI changes are needed, ideas for building community with other professionals and why, and personal reminders of how to best meet the needs of our clients.
June Supervision
Included in this video: New LMFT Rule Changes, updates on our trainings, a real-life hour long supervision with Dr. Johnson, and boundaries in supervision.
June Private Practice
Included in this video: Dr. Johnson shares her monthly template she uses, a new adventure into marketing, supporting those around you, and taking each opportunity that leads to the next step.
July Supervision
Included in this video: Dr. Johnson shares new concerns due to the IRS investigating practices who have Interns and Associates operating under a Contractor status. Background checks are discussed along with what should be included in a thorough background check. Dr. Johnson shares an application that will allow you to make set up posts ahead of time for platforms at the same time, including LinkedIn and Facebook. Reminders from Dr. Johnson’s own learnings of leaning into hard conversations to deal with things quickly.Trainings to look for this fall from Dr. Johnson and coaching participants: a Telehealth Training and an upcoming training to prepare counselors when we are subpoenaed into court situations.
July Private Practice
Included in this video: Through a personal business experience, Dr. Johnson answers the question if all else fails what a “win” is at the end of the day in her practice. How do we use trials in business as opportunities to help us persevere in our mission and purpose?
August Supervision
Included in this video: Decisions and experiences in supervision along with using activities in supervision to expose supervises to new populations, reminders of providing opportunities for current supervisees to help them grow in learning and build relationships in the field, and how to build a network of connections with professionals in the field.
 August Private Practice
Included in this video: Handling requests by clients in private practice, when to know if you need a manual and how to handle FMLA and disability paperwork, how to handle divorced parents with conflict, deciding when your practice isn’t the right fit for certain clients, the value of a retreat and building community with your staff, and the decades of life and next steps as a business owner with a Vision Frame in mind.
 September Private Practice
Included in this video: Creative ways to develop and give continuing education with colleagues, positive and negative of remediation plans with employees and when it’s time for the relationship to end, the goal of bringing others on board with you at your practice and how to find employees, reading the small print with malpractice policies, and who to seek out for consultations for complaints and court issues.

Each set of paperwork has been compiled, developed, and continually revised since 2007 when Dr. Johnson began the Center for Counseling and Family Relationships. All documents included in the portfolio are sent electronically in Microsoft Word documents.


Starter Set One for Clients:

Our Intake Paperwork

Our Intake Paperwork includes:

Insured’s Information and How to Check Benefits

Client Information

Household Information

Medical History

Cancellation Policy and Credit Card Information

Our Fee Policy

Assignment of Benefits

Other Fees



Limits of Confidentiality

Acknowledgement of Review of Privacy Practices

Communication Authorization


Our Policies and Procedures

This two-page document includes how we handle:

Session times

No-Shows, Late Cancellations, and Scheduling

Late Arrival and Scheduling

Balances and Credits

Parent Updates Before child Sessions

Release of Information

Wait List


Continued Care

Limits of Confidentiality


Notice Of Privacy Practice:

This form includes HIPAA and PHI information for CCFAM as required by law.



Release of Information for Adult

This form is a standard release for an adult client including: who to release to, information to release, the purpose of the release, and the ability to revoke consent.


Release of Information for a Minor

This form is a standard release for a Minor Client including: who to release to, information to release, the purpose of the release, and the ability to revoke consent.


Advanced Set Two for Clients:

First Appointment Checklist

This checklist is one page and goes through all the details and reminders of what a client needs to know and paperwork to bring to their initial appointment, including arranging childcare for their children and custody paperwork for minor children.

Parent Letter of Participation

When required by divorce decree, this form about our practice is given to the Custodial Parent, who has sought counseling for their child, to share with the child’s other Custodial Parent, who needs to be informed of counseling.

Checklist of Concerns for Child

This checklist is one page and includes concerns of parents and allows them to select symptoms and behaviors of their child. It also includes questions about exercise, sleep, screen time, and devices.

Client History for Teens Only

This history form is several pages and includes the teen’s perspective on:

the need for counseling

medical and behavioral symptoms they are concerned about

information about their family

alcohol and drug history

school and friends

their self-description

daily life (exercise, sleep, screen time)

Checklist of Concerns for Adult

This checklist is one page and includes: medical and behavioral symptoms along with questions about exercise, sleep, and screen time.

Adoption Background Information

This form is one page and includes questions about the Birth Family and the openness of the adoption.

Foster Care Background Information

This form is two pages and includes Birth Family History and Foster Care Placement History.