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The Clinical Supervisor Training course prepares participants to become a supervisor and identify the needs of their supervisee whether supervising for their employer, as a Supervisor for the state licensing boards, or to apply for a Clinical Supervisor credential with an association. This training is unique from other Supervisor Trainings with an emphasis on building a relationship through a selection of activities and creating a plan for growth for a supervisee. This course explores a recognition of the roles and responsibilities of supervision as well as a comparison of supervision theories including theory based, non-theory based, and newer research-based perspectives. The process of interviewing, selecting a supervisee, and ethical guidelines in supervision will be examined. Electronic documents and ethical paperwork will be provided to participants as part of the training including an informed consent, contract, telehealth informed consent, release form for off-site supervisees, leave of absence, and a remediation plan. Participants will select from methods, techniques, and modalities of supervision to personalize to their clinical setting. The training includes evaluations for both the supervisee and supervisor throughout the supervision process. Participants will be given activities and assessments to encourage dialogue as a culturally responsive supervisor.


On Demand- Clinical Supervisor Training

COST: $650.00 (Non-Refundable)

Cost includes:

Training Manual

Supervision Portfolio of essential documents in PDF Format

45 CE hours including 12 hours of Ethics

After 90 days, participants will no longer have access to the course and will need to purchase the training again.

 ALL homework must be approved by Dr. Johnson at the end of the training before access to the evaluation and certificate can be obtained. Please keep in mind that each homework assignment corresponds to the video lesson. After completing ALL homework assignments, please email  to notify us of your completion. 

Homework includes:

  • A paper to consider self-awareness of personality traits, natural strengths, and gifts to be used as a future Supervisor
  • A Supervision Genogram of past supervision experiences
  • A three generation Cultural Genogram to consider generational patterns and life experiences
  • Creating a personal Supervision Contract and Informed Consent from a template given by Dr. Johnson
  • Creating an activity using a movie to raise your awareness of a supervisee’s needs and clinical skills
  • Answering questions to the Board Rules and Code of Ethics for your specific license
  • Reading Dr. Johnson’s book Pace Setter to apply a Vision Frame to your current work setting as you consider the addition of supervisees (charge included in training cost)
  • Reading Dr. Henry Cloud’s book Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality to apply principles in future supervisee relationships (charge included in training cost)
  • Read The New Handbook of Counseling Supervision (Routledge Mental Health Classic Edition) to consider how to apply the principles as a supervisor and with your supervisees.(**cost is not included in training cost and is an additional cost for each participant**)


Learning Objectives

  • Select from activities focused on building a relationship with a supervisee
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities in the supervision relationship as well as the needs of your supervisee
  • Create a plan for opportunities for growth for your supervisee through self-evaluation and knowledge of ethical responsibilities
  • Compare theory and non-theory based models of supervision
  • Examine how to choose a supervisee, what to discuss in the interview process, and ethical guidelines for supervision
  • Prepare documents and ethical paperwork to use in supervision
  • Select methods, techniques, and modalities for offering clinical supervision
  • Identify evaluations to use that encourage self-awareness for your supervisee
  • Describe how to provide culturally responsive supervision


Important Information:


For the On-Demand training, lessons have the homework assignments attached with the appropriate lesson.


Homework assignments must be completed and approved by Dr. Johnson at the end of your training before you will be able to access your evaluation and certificate. Please keep in mind when completing homework assignments that each assignment corresponds with the video lesson. After completing ALL homework assignments, please email for Dr. Johnson to evaluate and approve your homework assignments.


If you ever have to log out and log back in during a video, you can always scroll the bar all the way to the end of a video and the quiz will pop up.


Thank you and we look forward to having you as a participant in the training!


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