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Consulting for Supervisors

Dr. Rhonda Johnson is available for Supervision Consultations for those needing solutions for specific questions and concerns about their Supervision Practices and Supervisees. She has provided consultations for Supervisors in her home state of Texas, as well as for counselors working internationally in schools and faith based agencies.

Dr. Johnson is passionate about supervision and ensuring supervisors comply with the most current board rules. Dr. Johnson has supervised Interns and Associates since 2007 both individually and in groups. She has provided supervision for supervisees within her practice, for those outside her practice, and for supervisees with multiple sites including community agencies, adoption agencies, and churches.

Schedule a One-Hour Supervision Consultation for $200.00

Topics that Can Be Addressed During Your Consultation:

  • Ethical Concerns in Supervision
  • How Much to Charge for Supervision
  • How to Choose Quality Supervisees
  • What Paperwork is Required by the Boards for Supervision
  • Intern Advertising
  • What Can I Do to Reduce My Risk As A Supervisor
  • What Activities Can Be Counted As Direct Hours
  • What Activities Can Be Counted As Indirect Hours
  • How and When to Use Evaluations in Supervision
  • Supervisee Leave of Absence Contract
  • Supervisee Remediation Plan
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