Center for Counseling & Family Relationships - Training | Transforming Your Private Practice



Viewpoints from the Beginning, Over a Decade, and Over 25 Years


This training is free and is offered exclusively for Private Practice Coaching participants.



Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze the impact of your past before private practice (people, places, and events)
  • Explain the importance of culture (whom you surround yourself with inside and outside your practice)
  • Select the mission and values behind your practice
  • Identify various business models, business costs, and how to make money
  • Write the goals and vision for the forward movement of your practice
  • Identify personal traits that are impacting your practice in a positive or negative way
  • Prepare for trials that you will face in private practice


The Presenters:
Dr. Johnson has been working in private practice since 1999. She is the owner of Center for Counseling and Family Relationships, a large group private practice, established in 2007. Her practice has 11 counselors, who are providing over 800 sessions a month.
Dr. Johnson began working with a business coach in 2015. Since then, Dr. Johnson has radically changed her perspective of ownership, the mission and values behind the practice, who she hires, and the trajectory of the future of the practice. This training will provide the information every private practice owner should consider whether they are considering private practice or have been practicing for many years.


Kathleen Mills and Susan Schlosser
Kathleen Mills has a special interest in the business side of mental health care that has led to the development of She has owned her practice for over 25 years. Kathleen conducts events that cover a myriad of topics of interest to Texas mental health professionals, including:  business protocol, office operations, business start-up tips and suggestions, and legal considerations that every counselor in the state should embrace. She’s also a talented speaker/presenter. Kathleen offers various workshops and CEUS for mental health professionals in the area of business development and ethics.

Susan Schlosser has been the owner of a group private practice for 5 years. She has a wealth of information to offer on getting started and the culture of a practice.