Texas Supervisor Refresher 2021 Course


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The Supervisor Refresher Training course prepares participants to identify the needs of their supervisees whether supervising for their employer, as a Supervisor for the licensing boards, or as a Supervisor or Consultant for associations or certifications. This training is unique from other Supervisor Trainings with an emphasis on activities to build a relationship with a supervisee, creating a plan for growth for supervisees, and activities to build self-awareness of supervisees. Supervision theories are included from non-theory based and newer research-based perspectives. Participants will have all electronic documents and ethical paperwork included as a part of the training.



  1. Identify the needs of your supervisee in supervision
  2. Create a plan for opportunities for growth for your supervisee through self-evaluation and knowledge of ethical responsibilities
  3. Compare theory and non-theory-based models of supervision
  4. Examine who to choose for supervision, what to discuss in the interview process, and ethical guidelines for supervision
  5. Prepare documents and ethical paperwork to use in supervision