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Texas Ethics 2020


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Texas Ethics: Avoiding Professional Pitfalls for LPC

Dr. Rhonda Johnson, LPC-S, LMFT-S

Learning Objectives:

  • Recall familiar board rules and Code of Ethics for each license using matching and multiple choice
  • Identify the newest rules and meet the CEU requirements of a Texas Ethics course
  • Evaluate professional practices with regard to board rules and Code of Ethics and implement necessary changes


Program Summary:

Dr. Johnson is passionate about ethics and ensuring that the training course includes all the information needed to be fully informed and comply with the most current board rules. Dr. Johnson has been leading Texas Ethics courses throughout the state of Texas since 2012 for counseling associations, agencies, and private groups. In her presentations, she incorporates the Board Rules and Code of Ethics for LPC/LMFT/LSW using matching, fill in the blank, and vignettes for interactive learning. For the online training option, the training is offered with a video and handout that includes matching, fill in the blank, and vignette questions. The training quiz is offered in multiple choice format for the LPC, LMFT, and LSW Board Rules and Code of Ethics.

Many professionals practice for many years before being fully knowledgeable of the Board Rules and Code of Ethics for their license. As mental health professionals, we are solely responsible from the time of licensure for being familiar with and adhering to these guidelines for our profession. This Texas Ethics training is a reminder of the requirements of our licenses. Through this training, participants will identify their own pitfalls and how to make necessary changes to avoid board complaints.