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EMDR with Adoption Trauma in Play Therapy – January 28 – Live/Virtual


Participants are required to be EMDR basic trained before attending this training.

One of the most difficult experiences a child may have is a disruption in their development brought on by the separation from their primary caregivers. In children, these struggles often present in play therapy as behavioral disorders, disruptive behavior, or through dissociative responses. Many children respond beautifully to non-directive play therapy as an intervention, while others remain stuck and can benefit from a more directive play therapy approach.

EMDR as a trauma-informed approach can help process complicated trauma. EMDR combined with non-directive play therapy provides the unsticking needed to process complicated trauma in play therapy. With EMDR in play therapy, trouble occurs when a clinician is unable to identify a target due to 1. The lack of information, or 2. The lack of memories of this event.

In this training, participants will learn how to target material relating to the child’s early attachment wounds, including targets without an explicit memory. Participants will demonstrate specific stabilization skills in play therapy useful for reducing dysregulation relating to developmental trauma, and participants will demonstrate use of the EMDR developmental protocol.