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Electronically Dependent Generation in Play Therapy – August 5, 2022 – Live/Virtual


This play therapy training is offered Live In-Person and Virtual via Zoom Platform. Electronically Dependent Generation: The impact on Play Therapy, is an intriguing, informational training that gives the history of development of electronic devices and screens, the average use of these devices, and the impact on individuals and relationships. The training explains how video games, social media, and other forms of technology are intentionally designed to trigger the reward centers in our brains making it very challenging to break away from them, even when we know we need to. The extensive psychological and behavioral symptoms from the use of devices and screens will be presented, as well as physical effects of using screens on our central nervous system, brain, and body. The influence of screens on our body manifests itself in our behaviors and our thoughts. Screen management solutions, ground rules for technology, and steps to break technology habits will be given for implementing at home and in the classroom.

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