Clinical Supervisor Training- December 18 & 19, 2024 – Live/Virtual

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The Clinical Supervisor Training course prepares participants to become a supervisor and identify the needs of their supervisees as a Supervisor for their state licensing boards and to apply for the Approved Clinical Supervisor credential. The training has an emphasis on building a relationship through a selection of activities and creating a plan for growth for a supervisee. A recognition of the roles and responsibilities of supervision as well as a comparison of supervision theories including theory based, non-theory based, and newer research-based perspectives. The process of interviewing, selecting a supervisee, and ethical guidelines in supervision will be examined. Legal and ethical issues in supervision will be identified and participants will be provided electronic documents and ethical paperwork. Participants will select from methods, techniques, and modalities of supervision to personalize to their clinical setting including the use of technology. The training also includes electronic documents of evaluations for both the supervisee and supervisor to use throughout the supervision process. Participants will be given activities and assessments to encourage dialogue as a culturally responsive supervisor.

Pace Setter: Leadership & Culture in Mental Health - Bundled Product

The adventure … that began with starting a private practice in 2007 is a journey I am still on today, and I have had the honor of employing professionals inside our practice and training professionals outside of our practice. As the years have gone on, I have noticed a lack of emphasis on and a lack of stories about leadership in the mental health field. Not the own-your-own-practice-and-earn-a-six-figure-salary stories that are currently rampant. Instead, stories that acknowledge the weight of leadership versus the glory and financial gain, including stories about the information gained and lessons learned through hard work, stress, and tears.

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