Mastermind Groups

To Sign Up For Mastermind Groups

Do you find yourself wishing you could have Networking, Brainstorming, Support, and Accountability from others who are in Private Practice or Supervising?

For only $240.00 per year (value $440.00 if purchased individually), you will receive:
In the Trenches and CCFAM Training Monthly Newsletters
Two MasterMind Zoom videos per month (dates below), one on Supervision and one on Private Practice
One hour Virtual or Face to Face Consultation with Dr. Johnson on Supervision, Private Practice, or Leadership
Three Online Texas Ethics CEUs
Continually Updated and Downloadable Electronic Portfolio of Activities, Documents, and Logs’ to use with Supervisees

Zoom 2019 video release dates:

  • 10/17 Supervision
  • 10/24 Private Practice
  • 11/7 Supervision
  • 11/14 Private Practice
  • 12/12 Supervision
  • 12/19 Private Practice
  • 1/9 Supervision
  • 1/16 Private Practice
  • 2/6 Supervision
  • 2/13 Private Practice
  • 3/6 Supervision
  • 3/13 Private Practice
  • 4/4 Supervision (on  Thursday this month)
  • 4/24 Private Practice
  • 5/8 Supervision
  • 5/15 Private Practice
  • 6/12 Supervision
  • 6/19 Private Practice
  • 7/17 Supervision
  • 7/24 Private Practice
  • 8/14 Supervision
  • 8/21 Private Practice
  • 9/11 Supervision
  • 9/18 Private Practice


Downloadable Portfolio Includes:

  • 21 Activities to Use with Supervisees such as:
    • Building a Relationship with the Supervisee
    • Expressing Positive and Negative Characteristics of Past Supervision
    • Setting Goals & Expectations for Supervision
    • Multicultural Awareness for Supervision
  • Step by Step process to Reduce Liability Risks When Choosing Who to Supervise
  • Reference Request Questions to Use for Potential Supervisees
  • Informed Consent Documents
  • Supervision Contracts
  • Consent to Video Recording
  • Custom Developed On-Site Supervisor Release and Acknowledgement of Supervisee Responsibilities (for Supervisees with multiple sites or a Supervisor who is not working at the Intern site)
  • Custom Developed Supervision Weekly Documentation Form for Supervisees (Keeps the Supervisor up-to-date on what the Supervisee implemented since the last supervision session, what needs to be addressed along with holding a Supervisee accountable for notes, treatment plans, call logs, and termination forms)
  • Custom Developed Supervision Logs
  • Supervisee Remediation Plan
  • Activity to Increase Knowledge of Board Rules & Code of Ethics
  • Up to Date List of All Possible Intern and Associate Sites in Dallas/Ft. Worth by Specialization (to assist Supervisees with finding possible sites)
  • Intern Informed Consent for Clients
  • Custom Developed Beginning Supervision Checklist
  • Supervisee Leave of Absence Contract
  • Integrated Developmental Model of supervision
  • Evaluations including Custom Developed Evaluations to use in Supervision