Are You Ready for a Courtroom? Basics for Mental Health Professionals and Play Therapists

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APT Approved Provider #14-376

3 Texas Ethics CE LPC, LMFT, LSW

Work as a play therapist usually involves receiving a subpoena or appearing in a courtroom at some point in your career. For a play therapist, receiving subpoenas for records and acting as a witness in court can create anxiety and apprehension with high conflict divorces and the attorneys involved. Play therapists have the unique ability to be the voice for children not only in the play room, but also in the courtroom. This training will explain a step-by-step process of skills needed to handle high conflict divorce cases from the beginning of the first session through the court trial. After this training, a play therapist will be able to predict the procedures in the courthouse and courtroom ahead of time, as well as be prepared for subpoenas for minors before they are received. Play therapists have the opportunity to work as a team with Family Court Services to provide support in sessions and in the courtroom as children and adolescents experience a significant loss in their life.

Cost: $100 (Non-Refundable)


  1. Identify high conflict divorce cases during an initial play therapy intake session
  2. Describe types of divorce trials and the type of witness a play therapist professional should choose to be
  3. Explain the step-by-step process from first session through a court trial for a play therapy client whose parents are divorcing
  4. Explain how to respond to a subpoena for play therapy records
  5. Predict procedures a play therapist professional will experience in the courthouse
  6. Describe how to work as a team with Family Court Services for your clients
  7. Apply information given to real scenarios of play therapists from the courtroom
Twila Meyer has been in Private Practice since 2007.  She is the owner of Meyer Counseling Center (MCC) in North Richland Hills, Texas. MCC specializes in assessments, counseling and play therapy for children and adolescents (ages 2-18) and their families. Her passion is to represent children and teens in the family courtroom at hearings and trials regarding abuse, parent alienation and custody disputes.  Twila believes that children should have a voice at home and in the courtroom about their feelings and needs during difficult times in their lives.
Twila is also a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor.

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This training is non-refundable